Have you had an FBA refund?

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Have you had an FBA refund?
26 Feb 2016
There's a lot of talk at the moment about Amazon FBA refunds, for a variety of things including returns that never made it back, lost inventory, damaged inventory and so on.

Amazon don't make it easy to figure out if you can get a refund, and there's even a third-party tool (not very well known) that can do the searching and calculations for you - Refunds Manager.

Do you actively look for FBA problems that you could get a refund for? Have you been successful in getting a refund?
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Re: Have you had an FBA refund?
1 Mar 2016
I pull my inventory event report every 6 months ... Sort it in excel by sku and then see what has been lost or damaged ... Then I check each sku against the reimbursements ... If there is no corresponding reimbursement I open a help case asking if a reimbursement was made on that lost or damaged item. I generally average $200 worth of reimbursements that were not "automatically" generated by Amazon.

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