BQool is a great and SIMPLE to use repricing tool.

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BQool is a great and SIMPLE to use repricing tool.
26 Feb 2016
Before BQool, I tried a few other repricers and found them hard to use. They wanted me to create repricing rules on my own and none had a great way to calculate and set the minimum pricing.

WIth BQool, they give you a couple of repricing rules to start with and I use those. However, you can create your own rules if you want.

But my favorite feature is their min and max price calculators. For each product, you just enter your buy cost and then BQool will calculate your minimum and maximum selling prices based on much profit you want to make. You don't have to worry about accidentally repricing too low so that you lose money.

I love Bqool because it's simple to use and it saves me time from having to reprice my Amazon FBA products manually.
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