I have a joke for you. Unfortunately it is eBay CS !!

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I have a joke for you. Unfortunately it is eBay CS !!
27 Feb 2016
I know that there are other posts about buyer scams etc but I thought that this one needed its own post as it proves the length that people will go to and the lack of support and responsibility from eBay.

Buyer purchases a couple of duvet covers from us on the 8th Feb. We send items RM tracked.

Buyer contacts us 11th Feb to say items damaged, can they have a refund. We ask for photos and then we will refund or resend.

Buyer opens return request 11th Feb as item not as described. eBay automatically authorises return.

Buyer contacts us 12th Feb asking why we had not refunded them. We reply that we are still awaiting the return.

Return received 26th Feb. Not the shape of things that we send out so we decide to video opening the parcel. Parcel is from the buyer allegedly with 2 duvet covers in (35 cm x 25 cm x 4 cm each). The actual parcel measures 12 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm and has a margarine carton with soil in it.

We contact eBay CS to report the buyer but are told that as the buyer has returned the item (according to tracking), we should refund. When we argued that the item returned is not what we sent they said that they will refund on our behalf (at our cost) as return tracking shows delivered, and we should contact the buyer to arrange return of the items that we supplied. We asked to speak to a supervisor but were told that none were available, however we could appeal the decision.

We appealed and advised CS that we had a video of us opening the return but were told that they can not accept video or stills from video and that the original decision stands and we should contact the buyer to arrange return of the correct items. Apparently they 'feel for us' !! However it is up to us to sort out any problems with the buyer.

This has really got me annoyed, so much so that we have reported this matter to the police who may or may not take it further. I know it is only a matter of £25 or so, but it is just the principal of it all.

We have also contacted our solicitor who is wading through eBays T&C's to see if eBay have been negligent.

While writing this post, I have just checked and the buyer is no longer a registered user. I have contacted eBay again and they refuse to give us our money back !!!

Is it just us ?????
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Re: I have a joke for you. Unfortunately it is eBay CS !!
1 Mar 2016
You are not alone!

We have a situation where an international buyer has purchased 3 items on separate days, waiting for each order to be dispatched before placing the next order. Buyer only waits a few days before demanding to know why the items haven't been delivered. They have opened a case for all 3 items even though they are still classed as in transit.
For one item not to turn up, hmmmm but all 3?

The buyer also stated the items were not as described so we now have a defect on our performance standards but how can they be not as described if you haven't received them!

I contacted other sellers that the buyer had made purchases from recently and they all had similar messages from the same buyer. I have contacted eBay CS with this information and have yet to hear back. In the meantime I bet eBay will refund the customer!

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Re: I have a joke for you. Unfortunately it is eBay CS !!
1 Mar 2016
I had a buyer who bought two pair of shorts in Size 0. Neither fit. She opened a SNAD return request. She waited a month and then returned them doused with gasoline. The post office put them in a sealed plastic bag with a note on it. I took pictures and called ebay.

Despite many complaints against this person, they just wanted me to report the buyer.

In restrospect I should have called the police and Postmaster general.

Two phone calls and several hours lost, the buyer was (and still is) sitting "pretty". (On a side note she now orders sizes 2 and 4)
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Re: I have a joke for you. Unfortunately it is eBay CS !!
1 Mar 2016
You are not alone. Similar situations happens to us and I just refund the buyer. It makes the business less stressful. Is not worth the trouble or time to fight since we know ebay will not help.

Even though we've seen an increase lately the good news is that this sort of thing only happens a few times per year. I think the best way to compensate for it is to increase prices slightly. That usually keeps the low end customer away.

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