Does anyone have a history with Auction Hawk?

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Does anyone have a history with Auction Hawk?
25 Nov 2006
Auction Hawk has turned into something of a nightmare for me, and I'm wondering if anyone has a history with them that does NOT include problems. The glitches were tolerable until they started deleting my listings, including all of my pending lisitngs twice. There are lots of features for sold listings, except they put most of my sold listings into the unsold folder. I disabled the invoicing feature when they invoiced my first customer four times. My store listings go into the "other" category, no matter which of my categories I specify, so I have to go into each listing once it's on eBay and put it in the desired category. They deleted my four auction templates. They deleted the hit count for my listings, which became irrelevant when they deleted the listings. They took almost three months to cancel my previous account, then this one got canceled even though it is paid until March. Is there an auction listing/image hosting product for the small seller that actually works? THANK YOU for any information you can give me. -- Jon Lawson
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Re: Does anyone have a history with Auction Hawk?
9 Dec 2006
I went through the A.H. nightmare too and I felt your pain! I finally found and switched to inkFrog, $9.95 per month for unlimited service! They’re set up with the same type of features as A.H. but their site is much more refined and advanced. Plus they have lots of extras and seem to really be dedicated to providing great service. I was so, so happy a couple of weeks ago when I packed up all of my images and cancelled my subscription to A.H... They sucked so bad!!! I hope the nightmare is finally over! Even if you’re onto another service now, try inkfrog anyway, you'll love them!!!
Best of luck to you!

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