Fully Integrated

A review of Solid Commerce by nlebar
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Fully Integrated
2 Mar 2016
Before committing to Solid Commerce in August of 2014, I looked at every platform available. At the time, most platforms were in their development phase, with many loose ends, still not operational. Then, I found Solid Commerce - a breath of fresh air. Although it was somewhat complex to implement, I now sit, 1.5 yrs later, with a fully integrated operation.

Due to the complexity of integrating with Amazon, eBay, and MyStore, I had to learn the nuances of adding products to all of the channels and connecting those to Solid Commerce. It took a lot of work and communications, but our business is now running on Auto-Pilot, thanks to the functionality of Solid Commerce.

We use to manually ship (paste tracking on each channel) every order, which would take several hours a day. Now, with Solid Commerce, we've built the technology, where we now manually ship only .05% of our orders. This has set us free of the manual drudgery of online selling. Our customer service personnel spend 90% of their time working with customers, instead of moving paper.

Solid Commerce has allowed us to run our business, instead of being a slave to it. They put the technology in place to allow our business to grow and thrive, while helping eliminate the monotonous manual tasks inherent in the online world.
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Re: Fully Integrated
2 Mar 2016
Sorry to hear you are fully integrated.

I was with Solid Commerce for 2 years - fully integrated also. How you are not experiencing issues (glitches admitted by Solid Commerce) on a monthly basis is beyond my comprehension .

In the end we simply could not accept the sub-par performance. When you decide to switch - my advice is to run two platforms side by side until you feel comfortable you can pull the plug. It is expensive, but needed to mitigate the risk of losing it all.

If you care about your business - build it on a platform that is going not only going to last, but is going to grow and expand.
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