Watch out for UTAH based Software!

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Watch out for UTAH based Software!
25 Nov 2006
I don't want to hurt legit businesses who may reside in Utah. But I can't keep my mouth shut any longer. There is a slew of criminal e-commerce software companies coming from Utah.

Please be Aware!

I have known several people, and have attended a couple of seminars (out of curiosity) where these fraudulant companies make big promises, collect an exorbitant amount of money, and then run without ever really providing a service. Their websites always lack information and look like they just put something up so they can have a web presence.

I believe it is the same person(s) who is running several different operations under various names. They are all registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are based in Utah.

I don't know what the problem is, but Utah must be lax on their laws for this problem to persist for the past several years.

I do know, however, these companies cut deals with the very few customers who take it up with the law. The customer gets their money back, and in turn the customer is not allowed to warn others or talk about them negatively online or offline. This is how they can sometimes look legit with the BBB.

BBB's are a joke anyway because they soften the blow and are slow in posting the negative truth about their registered businesses (paying customers).

My advice to you is to reasearch every Utah-based software company, before you sign a contract or pay money to do business with them. Right now, I am researching HammerTap and Infopia.

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Re: Watch out for UTAH based Software!
28 Nov 2006
While I appreciate the heads-up about potential fraud, I think it may be a bit overzealous to make such blanket statements about an entire US state. Such generalization is not appropriate. Especially when mentioning the names of two Utah based companies, Infopia and HammerTap, with established and proven track records. These are companies with broad customer bases, proven success stories, and industry recognition.

Please keep up the information flow about specific issues, businesses, and even individuals. But please be specific and do not make gross generalizations - they do not serve a positive purpose in any aspects of our lives - business nor personal.

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Re: Watch out for UTAH based Software!
29 Nov 2006
Dear Infopia,

I apologize for not being more specific / vague in my original post so I am taking this moment to be more specific now.

I believe you are a legit business and I have heard many positive things about you on the net and at eBay Live! However, what concerns me is your partnership with HammerTap. My concerns with HammerTap are stated in a different post. Please click the following link to read my concerns...

Additionally, here are all (or few) of the Utah-based software companies and affliates that I was referring to in my earlier post:

Bright Builders (owned HammerTap, but still same president)

Avalon Business Direct (Avalon Digital Marketing Systems)

Bring It Home


Cat 5 Technologies

Consonlidated Marketing Group


E-Business Benefits Association (EBBA)

Electric Excellence

Executive Credit Services


HOME, Inc (Home Office Marketing Enterprises)

Leasecomm Credit Services

Liberty Vending

Mind Arrow Systems

Netbiz (Net-bizz, Nbizz)

Olympus Financial

Open Systems International

Pacific WebWorks

Scott Anderson Financial

Travel Plus



Web Resource Group


The following post mentions some of the above companies & BBB's involvement.

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Re: Watch out for UTAH based Software! Especially Infopia
31 Oct 2007
Their software is a nightmare. They charge a fortune for implementation and many people cancel right away despite the money paid up front and their contract. They make most of their money from the implementation.

Beware of companies like Infopia that want to get paid up front.

Marketworks, ChannelAdvisor and the rest want only a few dollars to cover training.

Infopia is impossible to stick wi
Infopia charges $2000 up front.
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Re: Watch out for UTAH based Software!
2 Nov 2007
Heard about this company and read some reviews in .


Thompson & Holt
xSellco 1