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eBay Integrated Ecommerce
26 Nov 2006
Hello All;

Wanted to introduce our new company; Resellers Solutions.

We have recently introduced an ecommerce solution that is fully eBay integrated. This will allow on-line sellers like yourselves to not only to market your products on a robust storefront platform, but also have that same product immediately active on eBay should you choose.

It gets better. Any item in your storefront cannot only be activated on eBay Auctions instantly; but also e-Bay Stores. The platform works for USA, UK, Australia, and Canada; and you still have all the options and all the other features you currently utilize on eBay.

Our goal was to provide multi-channel marketing without multi-channel work. We also offer a 30 Day Free Trial, and a monthly subscription rate of $29.95.

Hope you will give us a look! Dont hesitate to contact me (rob@resellers-solutions.com) should you have any questions.


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