Super Easy to Use - Great Professional Templates

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Super Easy to Use - Great Professional Templates
8 Mar 2016
You often get this market hype that tells you that software is SUPER EASY TO USE and then when you start you have to watch hours of training videos before you even get started well NOT for CrazyLister!!! I signed up for the free trial and I had my first professional looking eBay listing in about 10 min and I have yet to watch any of the tutorials! I love that!

I love the blog posts that Victor does. I have already implemented some of his strategies and now as he advises I will test and watch and optimize my listings but honestly I have already seen a lot more sales in the couple of days since I started.

I don't often write reviews but honestly this software is just so good I had to.

I also love the personal touch! I got to speak to Victor myself during one of my work sessions where he asked my opinion about what he should ad to make the software happen!

They are truly focused on providing value and listening to their customers!
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