Beware do not sign up with this company

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Beware do not sign up with this company
11 Mar 2016
I signed up for a trial with Solid Commerce, that was suppose to be money guarantee back after the trial is done. READ CAREFULLY, THIS WAS THEIR TACTIC. Your case manager that is suppose to initiate the set up for you account will drag the training sessions as much as they can and they will not show you or even help you to complete set up your account under 30 days. it is impossible even when you figure it by your self and believe me it's not easy their software is horrible. If you run into any glitches and mistakes from their behalf, from their software, they will take at least a week to even address the issue and even longer fix it. I did not get my money because I decided to give them a chance to maybe address all of the issues I have pointed out to them after 45 days but it was "too late" sucker!
There is many other software's that do pretty much the same thing, make sure you research them all and find out who is the best for you. and all of this is basically a software machine that does all of the work when these people are asking over $300 a month just so you could use their software is outrages!
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