Don't Know Where I'd Be without This Tool!

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Don't Know Where I'd Be without This Tool!
18 Mar 2016
I'll keep it quick but by far Crazy Lister has got to be the most useful tool I have in my arsenal when it comes to my ebay listings. Ebay's platform is quite archaic and they don't seem to care much about updating their platform . Crazy lister is by far the one thing somebody needs to make beautiful listings look professional and standout from the rest.
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Re: Don't Know Where I'd Be without This Tool!
17 Sep 2016

Thanks for the review. I'm urgently considering whether to use it or not as I'm not a big fan of the monthly subscription model.

I hear what you say about eBay's listing tool being archaic but for me they change too many things things too often. It seems that as soon as you have finished updating your photos then they come up with something else to change.

I'm not sure I want ebay to make it too easy for everybody because that just means more competition. A lot of sellers won't spend any more on additional resources such as CrazyLister, so it gives us an advantage.
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