Merchant account provider question

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Merchant account provider question
29 Nov 2006
Hello! I am one of the ones switching from Mpire to a new auction management system. I have my own shopping cart site and use ECHO as my merchant account provider. I really need to find a management system to integrate my eBay and website and have thus far signed up for a Marketworks trial and sent a request to eSeller Pro (although I did not hear back).

The problem I am running into is that Marketworks only has two payment gateways - and cybercash. It doesn't look like my existing merchant account provider would work with a Marketworks store front.

I was wondering what other people who use Marketworks or another integrated auction management system (eSeller Pro, Laris, etc) use for their merchant account provider. Marketworks seems to have a deal with E-Onlinedata. Anyone use them? Suggestions?


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Re: Merchant account provider question
1 Dec 2006
Congrats on the switch. Marketworks is pretty powerful and if you learn how to take advantage of its features, I'm sure you will see and increase in sales. The Lauchbots are really dependable compared to the other programs I've used.

We use Authorize to take credit card payments and it's been really great for over three years.

I recommend you spend some time learning Marketworks from someone who is familiar with the program. It takes awhile to learn.

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