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Customer Support
21 Mar 2016
I have been a customer of Solid Commerce for several years now. The first year I had a really great account manager who taught me the platform and help setup my fairly complicated pricing formulas and worked with the developers to ensure they were working as expected. Then he left the company and my account got passed around to several others and my customer support when to almost zero. I couldn't seem to get anything accomplished so I basically gave up. It wasn't until recently when I was assigned to Christina that I had my faith renewed. I was able to explain the issues I was having and she was very responsive in working with management and the developers to get them resolved. I can say I am again very happy with the service provided by the Solid Commerce Team and especially Christina. Whatever changes were made in the last year or two have been for the better. Keep it up. And a big shout out to Giny who is an amazing programmer. You rock!
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Re: Customer Support
29 Dec 2016
@webguy Is Christina still your account rep? We need one like her.
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