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888 lots
26 Mar 2016
I've read their 5 star reviews on here and decided to check them out. I went to their website, you can't see any prices until you become a member. I emailed them and they told me I had to fill out a customer application first.

I have no problem with that at all, but, they want the following:

Business name, address, phone numbers, Federal Tax ID, State Tax ID, business owners name and ID, plus a copy of my sales tax license.

They also want bank name, account #, routing #, name on the account.

On top of this, they want the owners social security # and signature too.

Plus, they might even need a copy of my tax return and financial documents.

Does this throw up major red flags to anyone else? To me that is way too much information to be giving someone who can not even give prices or details on what they are selling.

EDIT: The owner, Albert called me after reading this. He explained that the form was in beta and not all that information is required. The only documentation they really need is the resale license and proof of who you are. Much better than what is on the form.

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