Counterfeit Jeans in AZ

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Counterfeit Jeans in AZ
26 Mar 2016
It's one thing to be the company that doesn't hide behind the fact that the items your purchasing are returns, broken items, items nobody wants, or opened product. I can accept that. Then it's a completely different story when the same company is knowingly selling counterfeit items & doesn't care.

Counterfeit goods of any kind, no matter what it is, will get businesses completely shut down. Yet, this company has tons of fake jeans for sale, then they get called out for selling fake jeans, immediately take them off their site for a few days & improvise.

When someone addresses it to them, Rather than owning up to their mistake like real men do, they revise their terms & conditions list, to make it the buyers responsibility to determine whether your buying real or fake items. I hope this loophole won't last, since they decided they can't take a loss on their inventory, they made a call, it's up to you to take a loss for them.

I will return all the money I sold this terrible product to some point. As this time, most of my money is tied up into fake jeans, so returning the money I made is a slow process because someone doesn't want to first be the bigger man & be responsible for their stupidity & return my money, but no matter what they do, I won't profit off innocent consumers.

This is warning to future consumers of Bid On Fusion, not to fall victim to what looks like quality product from these people. This is happened in Phoenix, AZ. I wouldn't be surprised if their other locations are experiencing the same thing or will be experiencing some similar ruthless behavior just to make a buck. Contact me if you want proof.
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Re: Counterfeit Jeans in AZ
3 Mar 2017
just saying we bought 2 Walmart Skids at Bid On Fusion Auction 4/ 16 in Wilkes- Barre, Pa. We paid a bit more than usual because there was alot of pre paid new cell phones and new anti virus discs. However the phones were never scanned out at store level and cannot be activated. We've contacted Bid On Fusion before to no prevail and Walmart won't get back to us. Bid on Fusion got paid as well as Walmart and we got screwed. I know there are others who bought these phones because there were other skids. Would like to know if anyone else has pursued this issue.
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