Terapeak is Tera-ble

A review of Terapeak Professional by StarCastle33
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Terapeak is Tera-ble
28 Mar 2016
I use Terapeak Pro, and I gotta say its so worthless. If you are using it for antique / collectible research, you are basically getting 6 more months of eBay completed listings. I dont even know why they have a date range that goes beyond 1 yr on their product research tool. As an example, I can type in "horse bookends" and select the date range from 2004 and the earliest listing returned is only from a year ago today. I mean why deceive your customers like that? I purchased Terapeak to give me an edge in research, but every time I use it I just think of the money I wasted on this service (or disservice for that matter). Wish there was a worthpoint pro or something, I would gladly use the money I spent on a terapeak subscription for an expanded version of that research tool cause I just constantly shake my head in frustration with terapeak.
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