New Amazon restrictions re selling audio CDs

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New Amazon restrictions re selling audio CDs
29 Mar 2016
Greetings, I'm new here, with a few items on my mind.

1. Just noticed "restricted" coming up when I want to list my used classical CDs (I sell under the name Fan of Toscanini).
Amazon seems to be starting charging all sellers $40/month on top of their approx. 20% commission per item.
Does anybody know WHY audio CDs are a "restricted" item and why even low-level sellers must call themselves and pay for Professional accounts? Well, I know why... but is there any way around it?
2. Anybody have an opinion on the best RePricer programs for small scale sellers of items usually costing $10 to $100?
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Re: New Amazon restrictions re selling audio CDs
30 Mar 2016
@davidalt You may need to get a Professional selling account which is probably the $40 you are referencing. There are additional benefits you get by having a professional account though...ability to customize shipping rates, eligibility for top placement on product detail pages, bulk listing and reporting tools, etc.

Depending on the product category, Amazon reserves the right to gate sellers from particular products or categories.

You asked about a repricer program...You may want to check out The Monsoon Marketplace tool helps you grow and manage your marketplace business. We work closely with merchants like yourself to help maximize profits and efficiency in areas such as inventory management, repricing, order processing, listing, managing multiple marketplaces, shipping, etc.

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