Bidding up the bids

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Bidding up the bids
5 Apr 2016

If u take a look at these two on line bidders 104560,505812 they are bidding up the bids, if they win the lot they will reposted in the next week .
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Re: Bidding up the bids
22 Jun 2016
@shd_sac I suspected so. Paying someone to bid online to jack the price. Bought a couple of pallets last week and 5?? of the boxes were filled with plastic bags. Was very disappointed. This was the Pa location. Checked the website for Wilkes-Barre June 21, saw auction advertised for this location for Wednesday June 22, Drove 1&1/2 hours to auction and no one was there. Waisted trip. Took 3 hours out of my day.

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