Help finding eBay and eCommerce solution

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Help finding eBay and eCommerce solution
5 Dec 2006
Greetings all! I work for a company that has had quite a bit of success selling higher dollar items on eBay. We usually have 200 - 300 listings up at a time and our average sale is somewhere around $1200. We'd like to expand our online business and offer a storefront ( while growing our eBay business and feeding the various shopper comparison sites (Nextag, pricegrabber, amazon, etc). It seems like there's quite a few options out there and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the questions I should be asking as I try to find the correct partner for us.

A few things I know I would like:

Web Based (we have 2 - 5 people working on this aspect of the business and they all need to be able to access our various storefronts from home and work)

Various eCommerce Channels (eBay, price shopping sites, our own storefront).

Web Design (I've designed quite a few sites in the past but would prefer to have this taken care of as part of our package as I don't really want to learn php all over again).

Search Engine Optimization (Again, I've had some experience with this in the past but am not an expert).

Fees (obviously we'd like to keep these as low as possible and only pay for what we need)

Tech Support (I found this in another thread here... Are we assigned an account rep to help us or a random tech person everytime an issue arises).

Reliability (how reliable are they in managing all three eCommerce channels)

Serial Numbers (most of our inventory contains serial numbers, unfortunately we don't know these numbers until after our items have been drop shipped. Can their system handle this)

Quickbooks (in theory our store's owner wants to start using quickbooks).

I'm sure there's a million more questions and I'd like to prepare a list of the most pertinant before I begin interviewing various companies. If I've forgotten anything I would appreciate your help in reminding me

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Re: Help finding eBay and eCommerce solution
16 Dec 2006
Hi Toefuzz,

I have edited your title to better reflect your question.

Your need for your own storefront, support for multiple channels, and feeds to price comparison sites points to the more expensive auction management solutions.

Look into ChannelAdvisor Merchant, Infopia, Kyozou, Laris, Marketworks, Vendio Sales Manager, and Zoovy.
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Re: Help finding eBay and eCommerce solution
27 Dec 2006
The good thing about your questions are that they are know what you want and have a great starting point. You touched on too many things for me to write about in this forum. If you'd like some personal advise email me at For those high price items try selling them with "free shipping." That's the first place to start.

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