Flippin brilliant

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Flippin brilliant
8 Apr 2016
OrderHub is the best product in its software category. After struggling to manage our orders via the Amazon, eBay and WooCommerce interfaces, I realised we needed something that did a much better job of it.

After many evenings of research, I had initially dismissed it as a contender because of its simplistic appearance, but after trialing some of the other well known products of this type, I realised that OrderHub's simplicity is its incredible advantage over competitors. The others massively over-complicate what really is a simple task, so OH have got it right and the others who appear to have a "fuller" product have actually created a more cumbersome version that produces the same end result.

The support is fantastic. The team are 100% on the ball and in touch with customer needs. I've spoken to two separate people, both of which knew the product inside out and have asked on several occasions for suggestions to tweak and improve the system.

Its just great. Don't bother with anything else.
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