Has anyone tried ChannelAdvisor?

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Has anyone tried ChannelAdvisor?
8 Dec 2006
Does anyone use ChannelAdvisor to automate auctions for eBay.com.au? Is it easy to register and use?
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Re: Has anyone tried ChannelAdvisor?
13 Dec 2006

I used "CA Pro" for a while. It is a simple to use system good for beginners with low volume. When I used it last it had a few issues. It did not do real time combined shipping. I'll explain. If someone bid on two or more auctions and went directly to CA it would only show one auction or another. It had a feature that allowed for combined shipping but only updated every 12 hours or so. They also put all your listings into one single folder, which is a pain if you are selling items that are different, "table lamps" - home Decor(folder) and "baseball bats" - Sports(folder). Sometimes as a high volume seller you want to make grouping(lists) of item you want to put up at one time and put these lists up over and over again. CA has everything in one big long list. This was how the "CA Pro" version was up to october 2005 when I used it last. The best advise i can give it to sign up to the trail versions put up some listings and see the proccess though from a-z. Then make you judment. I know this is a pain, but it pays off in the long run if you are serious. I've used almost every system out there, Andale(now Vendio) , vendio, Marketworks, SpareDollar, Channel Advisor. I can say this for most; Everything is good when you selling mabey 20-30 items a week, when you start selling 20-30 items a day thats when the system is really put to test.

Hope this helps, Lee
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Re: Has anyone tried ChannelAdvisor?
16 Dec 2006
ChannelAdvisor Pro does not work with eBay Australia, but ChannelAdvisor Merchant does.

Merchant is the product for larger business sellers while Pro is a "starter" solution for small business sellers and hobbyists. CA Merchant has been discussed in this forum several times (although not specifically for Australia), e.g.

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Note that there is a lot of confusion about ChannelAdvisor, with sellers calling both Pro and Merchant simply "ChannelAdvisor". CA separate them onto different sites, with no mention of one on the other, which makes people think they only have one product.

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Re: Has anyone tried ChannelAdvisor?
29 Dec 2006
Thanks for the reply. I really want to sign up with CA because its the only real full service company that can be used in Australia. I am just starting off small and hope to grow, I hope I can still use CA Merchant.
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Re: Has anyone tried ChannelAdvisor?
3 Jan 2007
Hi Gibo,

We have a new promo plan for starters that may really interest you. We're still testing it out, so I can't make the price public, but you'll get all of the CA Merchant functionality for a tiny fraction of the price while you're starting. We have full support for ebay.com.au.

Take a look at our website at www.sellcenter.net/laris/ or call 201.484.0423.
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