Save your Company a Headache and Keep Looking

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Save your Company a Headache and Keep Looking
15 Apr 2016
We're having the same issues others are having.

1) Worst support I've ever seen. NO phone/chat support, and their ticketing system takes DAYS for a response, no matter how important.

2) RUDE staff. We went to their Catalyst event in Vegas and it was a disaster. It's basically a feel good event for CA employees to stroke their egos. We got nothing out of the event we paid THOUSANDS for.

3) BUGGY SYSTEM - We're constantly having problems with our CA/Amazon setup....and we even paid $3000+ for their "white glove" treatment where you have an advisor set you up. Although what they don't tell you is the staff you work with aren't very knowledgeable and you're left on your own to figure this thing out. The very first product she helped us setup got suppressed immediately....gee thanks for the white glove service.

4) We were lied to about our contract terms, and now we're stuck in an expensive contract (They offered us $13,000 to get out....gee thanks).

5) They overbilled us due to a bug that they even recognized (it doubled our sales in CA then our ACTUAL sales....we had to eat a couple grand as a result....they WOULD NOT REFUND...amazing!)

A company of crooks is all they are. We're counting the days til our contract ends so we can move to one of their competitors (which is 1/10th the price with no contract and AMAZING support).
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Re: Save your Company a Headache and Keep Looking
29 Apr 2016

Would be appreciate if you could tell us who is their competitor ? Thanks
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Re: Save your Company a Headache and Keep Looking
3 May 2016

How long of a contract is it ? is it 1 year or 6 month ?
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