Why do I start my own e-commerce website instead of Amazon?

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Why do I start my own e-commerce website instead of Amazon?
19 Apr 2016
If one wants to start an e-commerce website, there may be several issues to concern about first, such as the web design, backend system, and hosting, maintenance and SEO. In order to avoid that, Amazon/ eBay may seems to be an good option but when I actually sat down and do the calculation, I found it makes no sense to me to pay couple hundreds per month, listing my products on a non-customized website among hundreds of thousand competitors . And the payment will keep on growing when my business starts to get a little bit bigger. In fact, building my own personalized website is so much cheaper in a long term run and that way I don’t have to split the revenue for every trade. The lowest cost of building a responsive e-commerce website on www.MEGAZEND.com is under a thousand and they guide me for every step.

No marketplace fee/ revenue splitting $$ $
Magento powerful functions, such as booking, coupon code, mapping
A full control to the product display and website design
Fewer competitors
Flexible shipping fee, refund policy and some other terms

Initial cost for building the website
Expect to spend more time to work on SEO/ ranking
May takes up 1~3 weeks for your website to go live, depends on each web design company

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