Inventory System to Store my pre-auction listings

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Inventory System to Store my pre-auction listings
8 Dec 2006
A good Inventory System to Store my pre-auction listings

1. A Inventory system that I can set up myself

2. I, list for multiple companies, and some of these companies
have like items, so I need to keep their auctions seperate from
each other in seperate Folders.

3. In these seperate Folders of Inventory, I, use 4 basic sub-folders

a. Auction only type listings
b. Fixed Price type listings
c. E-Store type listings
d. On-Hold listings

4. In each of the above 4 sub-folders, I need to be able to make
more sub-sub-folders, relating to the items in the 4 basic sub-folders.

Once I'm in the folder that I want to work in, I need the ability to do the

a. Clone a listing, so I can replace a few items of code to make a new
listing with a new picture.

b. Be able to send to the auction site for listing, one or selected items,
and if the listing service has a problem with one or more items to be
listed, will be able to automatically skip over those listing and keep listing
the remaining items. Then e-mail the items that wern't listed with the cause
for not being able to listed.

c. Edit individual or bulk listings as to:
1. Primary or Secondary Catergories
2. Description Details
3. Add on Extra Options
4. Change Item details
5. Change Payment options
6. Shipping details

d. Move the new listing to any folder that I need it in, by dragging to the
new folder.

If you want a similar example of what I'm looking for is ebays 'Turbo Lister' and yes I, know what you are going to say, then why don't you just use 'Turbo Lister'?

Ans: ebay doesn't have the inclination to adjust anything its done in the past, they are like the 'Big Bang' they are going outward so fast that they don't have the time to look back at what they've already done or even try to update it.
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Re: Inventory System to Store my pre-auction listi
16 Dec 2006
Hi ThunderBear, welcome to the site

It's good that you have thought about your requirements in so much detail. Something that initially confused me about your post, is that you want an "Inventory" system - this normally means a database that you add your stocked products to, with a separate system for turning that product information and quantities into marketplace listings.

It looks like what you want is a listing tool, with the ability to categorize, bulk edit, relist etc. It's the complete ads you want stored, not the base product information.

I would take a look at Ad Posters like SpoonFeeder and The Poster Toaster.

Another option would be a full auction management solution, but that might be overkill for your needs.

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