Great System, Increasing our Sales and Profits!

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Great System, Increasing our Sales and Profits!
28 Apr 2016
We switched from a competitor's platform to Skubana about four months ago, and we couldn't be happier! Skubana accurately integrates our inventory quantities with eBay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, Sears, Rakuten, and our Shopify website, removing items from all of the sites when they sell out. I have clothing items (which have parent/children relationships) and had trouble with my previous platform because they couldn't handle the variations. Skubana has no issue with this type of inventory. In addition to pushing inventory to multiple platforms (from two different warehouses), it also has a built-in shipping module (which is excellent) and a built-in reorder Purchase Order system (which saves tons of time for reorders). Finally, their customer support (specifically Abdullah) has been incredible. When we have a question, he coordinates with the developers and emails back within a few hours to resolve my problem or answer our question. We also had a suggestion for adding functionality, and we saw it added within two weeks. Switching to Skubana was the best move our company could have made! It has allowed us to focus on inventory and sales, and not the system itself, increasing sales and profits! Kudos to the Skubana's developers and customer service team!
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