Anyone happy with ChannelAdvisor?

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Anyone happy with ChannelAdvisor?
29 Apr 2016
I would like to hear from anyone who is using ChannelAdvisor and likes the software.

1. Has it helped you grow your business?
2. What features do you like?
3. How has it helped your business?
4. How long was your launch process?
5. Did you feel that they provided excellent launch services?
6. How long have you used CA?

And any other things you may think of that I did not.

I have read the negative reviews, just want to hear from businesses that have been successful with them.
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Re: Anyone happy with ChannelAdvisor?
17 May 2016
Hi there,

I can't speak on behalf of ChannelAdvisor but it really does depend on what you are looking to do!

Depending on your business, what you want to automate, where you want to grow etc.

Some platforms work for some businesses; others do not!

What are you looking to do?

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