Mobile Phone Accessory Website Feedback

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Guy Langdon
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Mobile Phone Accessory Website Feedback
3 May 2016
Hi guys,

I was hoping you would give me some feedback on my site. I appreciate that sometimes its hard to take criticism but I realise its vital for me to improve my site

If you could have a look and see where I am going wrong. I do believe my banners need to be a bit brighter and advertise a few brands more also my collections maybe I should change to apple, samsung and have a value collection, fashion and tough case lines.

Please feed back thanks very much!


P.S: I have about 25-50 traffic a day but only 1 or two orders from that and have got advertising with google adwords starting tommorow but I think I may as you can guess have some issues with the site.
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Re: Mobile Phone Accessory Website Feedback
4 May 2016
@Guy Langdon

Hi Guy

I have had a quick look at your site and it looks good.

A few obvious bits:

Your site can take quite a while to load. Run it through Google Page Speed Insights and you will see it only gets 52/100 mobile, 51/100 desktop. A lot of this is down to image optimisation as well as Javascript and CSS problems which are common with some Shopify stores.

Have you checked your site on a mobile device ? On some larger screens in landscape mode, the main menu is displayed in full but does not work properly on some devices.

If you have Google Analytics on your site then I would check it to see what your visitors do on your site. It will show you pages visited, time on site, which pages they visited after others etc. You should be able to find where and more importantly why people are leaving your site.

Unfortunately one thing that may put people of is price. I know that this is something that you probably can not change, and you do need to make a profit to stay in business, but as an example I recently bought a new leather case for my 950XL similar to yours at £12.99, but only paid £1.84 including delivery. This market as you are aware is very competitive.

You also have a Liquid error: 'Could not find asset snippets/sweettooth-tab-widget.liquid'. This will be down to a missing / corrupted liquid file in shopify. Part of the Sweettooth Rewards app that you may have installed.

There are a few more bits that I will look at for you. Will send you a PM.

Whatever you do, don't get disheartened and just keep trying.


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