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20 Dec 2006
This is my first post, and I had a question about an auction image hosting service I am considering, but not familiar with and wanted to get your input. I Googled eBay image hosting and got as one of the top choices. There offer is for $13 /quarter I can get 500MB of space, unmetered bandwidth, FTP and browser access, and they appear to provide technical support both via email and a toll free number. With all of that being said, have you all heard anything about Auction Assist, or are you aware of a better offer or any advice? The website is

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7 Jan 2007
Hi, thanks for your post.


Image hosting is difficult to advise on because it is a low-cost service with little to differentiate between providers. The factors you can look at are:

  • Price
  • Integration with your preferred listing method
  • Performance (how quickly your pictures load)
  • Reliability (how often your pictures fail to load)

  • I wouldn't put much value on add-ons that are sometimes offered such as rotating pictures or integrated HTML generators as most sellers are unlikely to actually use them.

    I would generally recommend you choose the cheapest package and try it with your lowest-value auctions. If you can, ask friends in different locations to view your auctions and see how fast the pictures load. Also test them at different times of the day. Of course, providers can go through good and bad patches so the performance and reliability when you test is not neccessarily a guide to their typical performance - but it's better than jumping in head first and finding that none of your images load.


    I do not have personal experience of Auction Assist but here is what I have noticed from their website:

    Auction Assist don't show the "eBay Compatible Application" logo on their site so their auction integration may not as sophisticated as their "Feature Set" page suggests.

    Global Array Networks do not appear to be a large hosting company. The website (from the listed email addresses) is the same as the Auction Assist site. While an image host need not be a large company, a very small business may lack the resources to provide a continuous service if a server fails, for example.


    DataZap have a good reputation and have a 10-day trial.

    You may find it simpler to get your image hosting from an auction management or listing provider, if you use one now or are planning to. That way it would be fully integrated with your listing process.

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    9 Jan 2007
    May I suggest my service - SnapBay at

    Uk based service and some useful tools such as image re-sizing software and desktop upload.

    We are not a big company but have a band of loyal ebay sellers.

    There is a free service plus various paid versions up to unlimited.


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    9 Jan 2007
    BTW - Apologies for linking to my own site in my first post but at least I am open about it.

    Seems a coincidence that the contact at is also called Brett

    Sorry - cynical old me!

    Happy eBaying this year folks!


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