Auction Wizard 2000 - Tons of Wasted Potential

A review of Auction Wizard 2000 by williegates
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Auction Wizard 2000 - Tons of Wasted Potential
8 May 2016
I have been using Auction Wizard 2000 since 2001. I am now moving away from it. In a small business world where time is always the limited resource, having to learn a entirely new auction management software platform is wildly daunting and not anything anyone ever looks forward to. Believe me when I say I DO NOT want to move away from AW2K, but the little straws that eat and eat and eat at you will break your back with this stuff.

It was a GREAT, I mean absolutely PERFECT software management tool back in the day. 3-5 years ago it was king of the hill and no one could even be seen from that peak. The advent of newer software foundations have made this slowly die. It isn't dead yet, of course, but it is well on its way.

From its invention to about 2010, it was THE BEST there was, no comparisons and no competitors. It was simple, customizable for what you wanted, tracked profit, loss, shipping, feedback, invoices, anything and everything you'd want.

Now, think about how cool it was to log onto your old AOL program that came in the mail on the 3-1/2 inch floppy discs. Click a few buttons and "Welcome! You've got mail!" would ring out. Amazing stuff, the internet is now at your fingertips. You are online! The OS you used, Windows Professional 2000, was state of the art as well.

Now imagine today you log onto your Windows Professional 2000 and log into your AOL program. How would you feel? What would you think? This is Auction Wizard 2000.

Now that I have you actually experiencing it, I will tell you the pros and cons. AW still works for the basics. It still tracks everything you need it to track. It still satisfies the basics. Sometimes.

A few months ago, I was running into a problem with some weird database problem - you know, one of those that the error message in windows confuses you more because you aren't enough of a nerd to decode it. So I email the support email for AW. There is no phone support. A day and a half later, I get a response. Six emails were sent back and forth which took another day and a half. My replies were less than 30 minutes after receiving more information to try, fix, etc. The priority on the other end was less. The end result was "I don't know what's wrong then." That didn't help. I wiped the computer, the drive, the everything and completely reinstalled and fixed it myself. More limited resource gone fixing something that had nothing to do with anything that I had done.

A month later, weird API problems with AW telling eBay things Ebay didn't want to hear kept my auctions from listing. Several users were complaining about it and not much came from 'the other side'. THREE WEEKS LATER, an update came out for AW and it fixed it. If you can afford to table your business this long, then have at it. I can't.

I asked many months ago if labels could be customized (Never Listed, Online, Offline, Sold Not Shipped, etc...there's about 9 of them). This is not something they...err...HE could do or that he was ever thinking of doing. (I say HE because there isn't anyone but one guy, Thom, who owns, runs, updates, and supports this product. Thom is a great guy, but AW isn't a priority for him.)

Now I have several auctions that won't list because ebay says the UPC entries are blank. They aren't in AW. I go looking at the AW Discussion Board. Not a peep from support about this issue. Two other users are complaining about the same thing for weeks - unlistable auctions because of this UPC error. Nothing from support...ok, nothing from the one guy...for weeks. If this is acceptable for you, then get AW2000.

I could go on and on with little straws that have finally broken my back. I'll end with this. If you still use Windows 98 and don't see a reason to change, get AW2000 - there's a reason, more than you realize, why the 2000 is still in the name. It's working but outdated and becoming unusable. Tons of potential with non-existent support and updates.
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Re: Auction Wizard 2000 - Tons of Wasted Potential
15 Nov 2016
I tend to agree with you that AW2000 isn't keeping up with the times. Although I mildly disagree with you about Thom being slow responding. I've always been amazed at how fast he answers my questions -- sometimes within minutes! And he almost always solves whatever problem I have.

My quandary is that I've been using AW2000 for more years than I can count, and I know it like the back of my hand. I SO don't want to switch to -- and have to learn -- a new listing program! I'm an old dog and am not good at learning new tricks. I'm an eBay Power Seller and Auction Wizard is my life!

It works 99 percent of the time, and it does what I need it to do. But there are things that could be improved and updated.
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Re: Auction Wizard 2000 - Tons of Wasted Potential
27 Jan 2018
@pegasus Thanks alot for the recent commentary. I was a loyal user in its prime and now, I wouldn't consider it as I reactivate on eBay after several years hiatus..too bad really..I want something good that is resident on my computer. Cheers.
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