which multi channel is good for me ?

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which multi channel is good for me ?
15 May 2016
I sell shoes only on eBay and Amazon, and have small business.
don't know which multi channel will be useful for me.
any one help ?
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Re: which multi channel is good for me ?
16 May 2016
Hi, thanks for the question!

What is your average daily order volume? Why are you looking for a multi-channel tool - is there a specific business problem you are dealing with?

I'll leave it to others to make recommendations, but it would be useful to know some more about your business first.
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Re: which multi channel is good for me ?
17 May 2016
Multichannel is essential for all businesses processes. Online marketing such as eBay and Amazon continue to growing popularity of online website selling. It will be very technical and effective cost to use easy. Now we are searching for some useful packages, if there is any other multichannel packages are available?
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Re: which multi channel is good for me ?
17 May 2016

You need to sit down and ask yourself a number of questions when deciding on multichannel software such as:

Will I need it just for stock control ?

Will I need it for order processing ?

Will I need it to link to accounting software ?

Will I need it to list my products for me ?

Will I be expanding onto different marketplaces in the future ? If so which ones, and will my software be compatible ?

Am i looking to expand my business and if so will my software keep pace ?

Other things need to be considered such as cost / value for money. If you only sell a few items a day then the cost may be prohibitive or totally unnecessary.

Also as a new user you will probably need a software company that provides excellent support to help you set up and guide you. Something that appears to be lacking with some multichannel software providers.

When we started looking a few years back we had a short-list of 3 providers. We started off with the only one that could offer a free trial at the time. The others all wanted a minimum of 6 months contract. We have been with them ever since. They are not perfect, but I do not think that anybody will find that perfect solution.

As Andy has said, the more information you can provide, the more people will be able to offer help and advice.
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