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Trak Auctions
27 Dec 2006
Does Trak Auctions even exist anymore? The company's main page looks like it is only an image hosting site. Let me know if I am missing something. Thanks!
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Re: Trak Auctions
7 Jan 2007
It appears to have been discontinued, so has been removed from the directory. Thanks for the heads up.

As Mpire have also killed off their auction management tools, Auctiva is now the best-featured web-based tool for free. There are other free tools such as List'd Express and vFlyer but they don't do much more than straight listing.

JWC have a free "Listing Manager" in beta that is worth watching out for.
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Re: Trak Auctions
19 Feb 2007
Trak auctions was a great site. I used it constantly without problems but they closed down in 2006. The site was very popular, and the notice just stated that they were closing for personal reasons not because they were not popular. I tried all sorts of replacement sites, and have settled on which is also free and has even more features than than TRAK had. I have found the support offered by ChannelMAX fantastic. I am in Australia, and Paul (channelmax developer) replies to my questions seemingly 24 hours a day!!
I have tried so many different auction listers and for now, Channelmax is the best I have found.
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Re: Trak Auctions
19 Feb 2007
I like ChannelMAX also but I believe it is not quite ready for Primetime. Just too rough around the edges for the masses. Support is excellent but Documentation is non-existant. They offer so many advanced features that it is overwhelming! Definately not for the faint hearted. - Mike

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