never underestimate the sixbit team they know EVERYTHING

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never underestimate the sixbit team they know EVERYTHING
18 May 2016
After three times to the computer repair shop. (where they told me they really don't know anything about SixBit but would try) and emails back and forth to the sixbit support team, (who even acknowledged receiving my request and promising to check it out), I was put in touch with Leslie, who graciously reviewed every corner of my computer sixbit and windows 10 world, and was able to find problems with my computer clock, and with the way the sixbit agent was running on my computer.

I cannot thank the sixbit team enough, they always tried to be helpful, sending different easy to follow instructions, to check various things.

There are probably tons of folks out there who want help with their computer problems, but when they stop and take the time to help a 67 year old self taught eBay and sixbit user, who lives in Arkansas, well you gotta hand it to them.

I would not hesitate to use sixbit for your personal or your company computers. It may look complicated but there are friendly folks on the boards who can answer questions from new users, and qualified help on the sixbit staff who are so very gracious and understanding.

Love to all you guys out there in sixbit land, I feel like I just heart surgery, and now can dance and sing.....
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