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19 May 2016
Stay away!! The worst shipping solution ever, not because of the company itself but because of the insurance co. (Shipsurance) they use (same thing at the end though). Out of thousands of packages we sent in a year, we did a claim on just 10. Even though they were justified, they paid only one for about $35. Even for small claims they ask you for ridiculous stuff (pictures, affidavits from customers, letters, more pictures, estimates for fixing/replacing items, and so) It is just not worth it. The time you have to spend gathering information, sending emails and documentation back and forth is obscene, they just do it so you get tired of following up on your claim. They use all kind of excuses for not paying; To me, Shipsurance is just a way to skim money from customers and ShippingEasy is the channel. They don't even let you use the shipper's insurance company, like ShipStation does.
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27 Feb 2017

We're very sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with our Shipsurance partner. We usually hear great feedback about their service and response times, which is one of the reasons we chose to partner with them. Unfortunately, as with most insurance claims, shipping related or not, extensive information is usually required for a thorough evaluation of the facts. From our experience, Shipsurance prefers to obtain as much information as possible before making any claims decisions. This is to ensure that not only are you fully represented in the decision making process, but also so a fair decision can be reached. That being said, we are happy to assist with the Shipsurance claims process and any problems our customers might encounter along the way. We can assure you that Shipsurance is not in the business of accepting insurance fees without providing legitimate coverage for your packages. While certainly helpful in many situations, ShippingEasy does not require the purchase of insurance from Shipsurance, and we can often recommend carrier services that include automatic insurance coverage like USPS Priority mail, as a viable alternative. We hope that you will reconsider our services in the future, and give us a chance to help you prepare for and navigate the shipping insurance landscape.
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