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5 Jan 2007
Look what I found. A really great affiliate marketing program from a leading online sales company

Fantastic Valentine’s Day Opportunity
ProfitRank manages the Affiliate Marketing program for several ecommerce companies and we wanted to make you aware of a fantastic opportunity to gain more revenue through another of our managed clients, who markets to all English speaking countries worldwide; US, Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand.

Valentine’s Day is the second largest sale holiday for Jewellery. is an auction Jewellery website unlike any you may have seen and for this Valentine’s Day we are offering new affiliate partners a 50% increase on the already generous 10% bounty. So now you can earn 15% on all sales until Feb. 14, 2007.

Here are the added benefits of working with Bidz. com
• Registration Conversion Rate - +10%
• First time buyer conversion +20%
• Average first order $90.00
• $10.00 off the first purchase
• Free shipping on orders between 11:00 PM -11:00 AM EST
• 30 day returns – average 30 day order $200.00
• Thousands of Jewellery items for both men and women
• Auctions last only a few minutes – no extended wait for auction to close

So if you are not a current Affiliate partner visit Commission Junction now and sign up to take advantage of this limited time offer.

We at ProfitRank on behalf of our clients look forward to working with you and sending you large commission checks each month.

Please forward any questions or needs to:
Mike Gunn
Affiliate Marketing Manager –
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