Makes stock and order management so easy

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Makes stock and order management so easy
24 May 2016
ChannelGrabber allows you to oversee all of your ecommerce stock and orders from the one dashboard. At a glance you can see all your sales and you can compare results from eBay, amazo, BigCommerce etc.

All orders are seen on the orders dashboard and you can sort them by 'new' orders so none get overlooked. No more logging in to multiple accounts to handle new orders. You can easily create one invoice template which can be applied to all of your ecommerce accounts (eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce etc) -- a great feature which allows you to present the same information to all customers. You can also set up the invoice to have a peelable shipping label. If you like you can add on a shipping module which means that the customer address and courier or postal service information is printed on the label. That's a real time-saver.

We also really appreciate the Kashflow accountancy module. Every single order is exported as an invoice from ChannelGrabber to Kashflow -- this saves us a lot of time and really reduces bookkeeping fees.

Provided you use the same SKU on all platforms ChannelGrabber allows you to keep a close eye on your inventory. You can even use ChannelGrabber to create new product listings.

Training and support from ChannelGrabber is excellent -- fast response times and knowledgable staff.

Highly recommended!
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