Awesome Potential, Great People

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Awesome Potential, Great People
25 May 2016

We started using SalesWarp in 2014. We are a relatively small company to be working with a system like this; we only receive about 100-150 orders per day. With that said, we do sell across a large variety of sales channels, and have a unique business model that requires a fairly sophisticated solution.


- First and foremost, there's the staff. The folks at SalesWarp, with whom I've had my fair share of disagreements and disappointments, in the end really do genuinely care, really do genuinely listen, and really do genuinely want to help. They will go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. That’s absolutely critical – you can have the best software in the world, but if the folks behind it can’t be counted on, then it’s a waste of time.

- The software as a whole is an incredible time-saver, and the feature set is unique. I don’t know of any other software in the price class of SalesWarp that allows for product publishing, inventory management, AND purchase order generation. Those are exactly the three primary facets we needed, and I found they simply weren’t available at my budget anywhere else.


SalesWarp is a young company. That's unfortunately apparent when it comes to its software. There are bugs, ranging from mild to moderately severe, some missing features, incomplete areas, some pesky UI problems, a lack of overall polish, and many other small ways in which it could be improved upon. It's come a *long* way since we first started using it, but it still has quite a bit to go until it reaches that place of “software zen”.

It needs to be said that our particular business needs are quite specialized, and have required a lot of customization. In all likelihood - assuming your business needs are at least somewhat more “traditional” - you’ll need a lot less customization, and you’ll likely utilize, to a greater extent, the tried-and-true, “out of the box” features of SalesWarp, which do exist in great numbers, and which generally work as advertised. So it is therefore also very likely that you will run into a lot fewer issues than we have.


Once the issues I’ve mentioned in the cons have been addressed – and I’m confident they will be – it’s going to be absolutely spectacular software. As mentioned, I’ve already seen it come a long way, and I look forward to the day when its full potential will be unleashed.
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Re: Awesome Potential, Great People
31 May 2016
@billythetree Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback! We really appreciate it. Robin, you have been an integral part of our client product team and have influenced our product evolution. We wish you continued success!
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Re: Awesome Potential, Great People
14 Jul 2017
@ecommercestoreowner -- You posted your original review over 1 year ago. I'm curious how you feel about Salewarp now. How have things improved / evolved over that time? Are you still happy with the software? I'd greatly appreciate a quick update.
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