Probably the best out there.....but

A review of Volo by stoptheworld
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Probably the best out there.....but
29 May 2016
Been using Volo/eSellerPro now for almost 10 years. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the best platform out there, but there are some pitfalls.

The actual platform runs on Java, so you do need a reasonable internet connection. Forget it if you are at the end of a 5km ADSL line that can barely get 1/2 meg connection. Works just fine on most "normal" (6mb+) adsl lines.

Setup and config is a bit daunting, and be quite wary of importing existing listings from eBay - if you're selling just on ebay, Volo can just import all your existing listings, but you will have to review all of them at some point - e..g. the images are from ebay quality, you'll probably need to reload them, desriptions are useless, and you'll have to (probably) set up a whole bunch of item specifics you'll need to add back.

Works fine with ebay, and their own webstore - however, the more channels you add, the more clicks/tabs and data you'll need to add - there isn't a "single page" mode for all the data.

Inventory management is OK-ish, not as good as a WMS, but will allow locations / comingled locations / rotating pickface, but not any kind of pallet movement/replenishment - but will do picklists and doesn't lose stock! Something that NONE of other packages does anywhere near as well. If you need inventory management in the same package, you need Volo.

It does drop shipping and purchasing, but can't comment, as I've never used any of these features.

You don't need to be a nerd to do it all, but it does help - with all the tabs/options, it's something you are going to have to learn to get the most out of.

The worst part (as some of the other comments you'll see) is the support/implementation team from volo - many of the original staff that actually know the product aren't there any more, and some of the "experts" know less than we do, nor do they fully understand the changes/fixes they make. You also aren't part of the roadmap (no matter what they say) - so you really do have no meaningful input into how the product is going, Without Chris F there (founder/CTO), I would be worried, as the support/implementations just aren't up to what you want. Be prepared for "fixes" that break things that used to work well then being "that's the way it works" from their "support". Unless you are a large player with clout, you're dragged along with what they want on the roadmap. As the team grows further, I'd expect it to be worse rather than better (just a personal view).

eBay store design is good, and good value, but website design looks good, but if you need something that isn't "out of the can", be prepared to wait, and wait, then wait some more. Same goes for anything you need. A month timescale can easily be 4 months. COS royal mail shipping for example isn't really what you'd expect - yes it's integrated, but it's terrible compared to DMonline. Be very careful what you ask for with implementations. You're also going to have to "learn" on a live environment, as yet, I've never had access to any sandbox environment to try anything, which leaves you in the hands of the "specialists" who usually aren't that special. If I can say one thing, give us a sandbox where we can copy our live environment from to try things.

It's also "up" most of the time, you won't have that many outages in terms of server down time.

Overall, if you are prepared to take the standard package with templates, and work with it, then you're not going to be disappointed. It'll do just about everything you need out of the box, without any additional systems, even generates invoices and can send accounts data to sage. You can get up and running quickly, but you will have to invest time into learning it to start to get the best out of it, and be prepared to do the investigation yourself, and you'll probably only use about 10% of the screens/tabs, ever, so you will need to learn it

Would have been 5*, - support staff and implementations let it down.
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Re: Probably the best out there.....but
7 Jun 2016
I would say that the Volo (or eSellerPro as it was) support was poor/erratic up to a couple of years ago but my experience is that it's improved to the point of being excellent most of the time. Queries/problems get dealt with within an hour or so and if the problem is outside the standard support's knowledge base gets passed up the line to an expert in the area. You now even get telephone calls to clarify issues or confirm the ticket closed to your satisfaction - unheard of a couple of years ago.

Also the on-line version is in development and I've seen (and played around with) the sales order section and it is 'a million miles away' (in a good way) from the Java version.
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Re: Probably the best out there.....but
16 Jun 2016
Hi, thinking of using Volo. Will it be possible to talk about this product.
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