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Not Impressed
1 Jun 2016
  • Slow Slow Slow - Upload anything over 100 lines take a 15 min nap.
  • Export/Upload process is painful choosing fields
  • No Ability to add eBay Main Images (Variations are used as a main).
  • No Ability to list product differently from channel to channel We like to list products individually (Size) on our website, but as size/color listings on Ebay
  • Trouble shooting is like solving a riddle and often needs done several layers to get the full message. Solve one issue, then it displays the next. After several fixes - your product runs, but you have lost 2 hours cycling through updates to get all the messages. I personally lost at least 7 full days of my life here, only to find out that it was a SureDone "bug" that was an error on their side.
  • Oversold on Ebay several times due to inventory not syncing properly.
  • No Kits, No Bundles unless you use a third party system (extra cost)
  • Their user interface looks nice - but freezes frequetly using all browsers but Chrome.
  • 14 Days with no fix on a help desk ticket (SureDone admitted bug)
  • Expensive solution for an underdeveloped product

  • Pros
  • Ben and Jim seem to care genuinely about success of your company.
  • Big Commerce Integration is the best out there.
  • Ebay updates are lighting fast.
  • Cross Channel Updates work seamless between Ebay and Big Commerce
  • Easy cancellation
  • Less Costly than other solutions out there.

  • I might consider trying it again in a few years once they get their act together and hopefully improve their system. We need a bulletproof system - right now SureDone has quite a bit of work to do to catch up to the rest of the providers in both features and functionality.

    As a side note, anyone that does their research will see they are a very young company... not sure if I would risk building my business on this platform just due to how many tech company's fail.

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    Re: Not Impressed
    22 Jul 2016
    @Motorcycle Pride
    Thank you for you insightful review. What company are you using today and are you happy with their service?
    All the best,
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