Amazon ‘Your price’ and ‘Sale price’ field download

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Amazon ‘Your price’ and ‘Sale price’ field download
13 Jun 2016
I have been trying to find a report on Amazon that downloads the ‘Your price’ and ‘Sale price’ fields at SKU level. I can extract the data for SKUs that are FBA’d (but only if they are in stock at Amazon at the time the report is run), but I cannot do it where it is FBA and out of stock and not at all for any of my merchant fulfilled items.

I saw on a Seller Central forum from an Amazon staff member that they do not provide a report that does this.

Does anyone know of any way I can get this? I would need to get it regularly so I can check price changes have gone through correctly. I'm private label with a lot of SKUs and because I am not competing for buy box I don't use repricing software, and am not sure it is relevant for what I need).

Any help would be appreciated.

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