inkFrog Open helps us grow rapidly! Powerful app, good price

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inkFrog Open helps us grow rapidly! Powerful app, good price
17 Jun 2016
inkFrog Open has been by far the best choice for our high-volume and rapidly-growing eBay store.

We decided on them after spending months trying similar apps. Other services tend to lack key features, or their interfaces are clunky and difficult to navigate.

inkFrog Open provides powerful tools through an intuitive interface, with flexibility for customization, as well as easy management of listings individually or in bulk. It's a unique and well-executed combination of features that we are just thrilled to be able to use.

We run an eBay anchor store currently managing several thousands of listings, and we continue to add hundreds per week (at least). To get where we are, we have depended EVERY SINGLE DAY on inkFrog's powerful tools like: CSV bulk uploads, listing profiles, customizable templates, listing editor, image hosting/editing, in-app category lookups, folder management for listings/photos, bulk editing tools, bulk listing, staff accounts... and probably more that I can't think of at the moment.

Also, they quickly develop tools in response to eBay changes, such as the recent requirements for product identifiers. It is nice to know that their team is looking out for these changes and keeping up. Very important for marketplace sellers!

At the end of the day, different folks are always going to need different features. inkFrog Open is not a "cure-all" for us, but we are very happy with their tools, services, and interface. And we feel it all comes at a competitive price.

We enthusiastically recommend that you give inkFrog Open a try for a while. We wouldn't be where we are without them.

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Re: inkFrog Open helps us grow rapidly! Powerful app, good p
21 Jun 2016

Hello! I was pleased to read your happy review as I am searching for some software to assist me with a bulk-store.

How much is it a month?
Are there different "packages"?
Was there a noticable increase in sales?

Thank you sooo much!!!
If you dont mind e-mailing me at so I can possibly pick your brain I would appreciate it!
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