Instantly add Auction Photos/Video with Cellblock!

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Instantly add Auction Photos/Video with Cellblock!
24 Jan 2007
Cellblock allows you to instantly post photos and video of your auction item, from your cell phone or computer! It's a brand new, super easy to use, and completely free!

See it in action here:

1. Go to Cellblock.
2. Create an account (it's free).
3. Create a Cellblock.
4. Don't publish the email address (that way only you can send in content).
5. Upload Photos and Video from your computer on our website, or email them from your computer or cellphone to the Cellblock's email address.
6. The Photos and Video you send will show up instantly in the player!
7. Copy the Embed code from Cellblock, and paste it into the Description section of the 'Describe Your Item' page (click the HTML tab first).

That's all there is to it! Now you can continue to send in photos from either your computer or cellphone and they will show up instantly! Add as many photos and video as you want! Make as many cellblocks as you want! It's free!