Free eBay Miss Spelled Item Finder

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Free eBay Miss Spelled Item Finder
28 Jan 2007
Hi again

I have a free search tool for member of this forum.

Imagine you are looking for a Nokia mobile/cell phone, most mobiles get good bids, especially Nokia ones. There are lots of sellers who, through perhaps a slip of the finger, typing too fast or just plain bad spelling may list their phone as a "Nokai" or a "Nokio". It's easy to do and I have been as guilty in the past as the next man, but here's how you can benefit;

Most buyers will be searching for "Nokia" phones and those spelt correctly will get the most bids. Try searching for "Nokai" though - you'd be amazed at how many items are listed with that spelling. You will also see that those items have less bids because they are not being found in the searches that people are performing.

This is where "SpellingBee", my new software comes in. You can key in any keyword for an item you are searching for and it will give you the results of all items for your keyword that have the letters mixed up, have letters missing, have "next key" miss-spellings (g instead of h etc.) or just the keyword as it should be. So for "Nokia" you may get items listed as "Nokai", "Nkia" or "Mokia".

If you dig around with this tool you are sure to find some great bargains at the sellers' miss-spelling expense.

I did mention it was free didn't I? It's only for UK and US eBay users at the moment but I'll keep you posted of other countries' versions as they become available.

Download the US version directly at

Download the UK version directly at

The files are zipped so you may need the trial version of WinZip to de-compress them.

I hope you enjoy and get benefit from this software and please feel free to pass a copy on to your friends as there is no charge for it's use.


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Re: Free eBay Miss Spelled Item Finder
11 Nov 2007

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