3D imaging on product pages

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3D imaging on product pages
4 Jul 2016
Hi colleagues,

We are a company developing a 3D imaging technology for e-commerce. As a partner of Intel since 2007, we develop software that benefits of powerful Intel hardware. We have created one of the best 3D scanning solutions on the market and appeared on Intel Software Developer Spotlight last month.

We are now at pre-release of our product that will enable merchants to quickly digitize products in 3D.
Here is an example of scanning - youtu.be/CbbApo23_qI
And here is how it might look on the product page - 3d.cappasity.com/u/cappasity/6bbdd680-addc-4859-9a16-95146e582a3b

I am now searching for 2-3 pilot projects to showcase our technology. We will be digitizing a product line in 3D and then embedding 3D models into product pages. We will cover all costs related and provide full support throughout the project.

Let me know if you are interested in participating or need more information. Feel free to email at m.alshina@cappasity.com

Kind regards,

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