Horrible Programming - Do Not Recommend

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Horrible Programming - Do Not Recommend
6 Jul 2016
We have been using SolidCommerce for 4 years. We are seeking a new multi channel platform. Their programming leaves a lot to be desired. If there is an issue with a listing, they do not notify you. You will not know that your inventory on Amazon is not synced, for example, until you oversell. You will not know that your eBay auction listings did not launch. Unless you check each channel daily, and then why pay for automation?

In addition, they have had terrible problems launching eBay listings ever since eBay implemented the UPC code requirement. Even though we insert our UPC codes, SC drops them. They simply disappear and our eBay listings do not launch because of this.

And, with no upgrades, no new integrations, no new features, nothing, they increased their minimum price from $199 to $299 per month. That is a huge increase for nothing. And if you have a second website, you will pay another $50, bringing the cost to $350 a month. It is not worth $350 a month when we have to constantly babysit it.
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