Best of the breed eBay Listing application

A review of Wonder Lister by wei.don
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Best of the breed eBay Listing application
7 Jul 2016
I have been using Wonder Lister for a little over 18 months now and have been more than satisfied with all its features and the excellent support they provide. As is true of any application, there is always some learning curve needed to adopt a new application, Wonder Lister was no exception in that regards. However, within just a week or so, with the help of their customer support, I was able to come up to speed quickly and gained insights as to how to do most commonly used functions.

Over the last 18 months of our journey with Wonder Lister, we saw numerous useful functionality getting added. Ability to Auto List, export to other eCommerce sites, ability to create/edit listings via flat files, expansion of bulk editing to include many new fields, controlling the user interface via preferences and so on and on helped us become more and more productive. Today, we are doing almost 300% more listings (and yes started listing on Amazon as well) on eBay than we were doing just a couple of years back with no extra time devoted. That's a huge plus.

In the end, would like to re-emphasize the excellent customer support that they have been providing since the time we adopted Wonder Lister. I have no reservations in saying that their Customer Support is one of the best I have seen in my long professional career. While it is true that we hardly need to contact them as frequently as we did in our early days of adoption, nonetheless, they respond very quickly to any queries we come across.
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