Customer service is lacking

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Customer service is lacking
12 Jul 2016
Sellbrite is much easier to navigate than other multi channel inventory systems we've tried.

Sellbrite saying they "integrate" with Etsy is laughable.

Unfortunately their customer service is incredibly rude. They talk down to you like you're an idiot and nothing is ever their fault. They will blame every problem on something other than Sellbrite, which is not only annoying it makes solving a problem incredibly difficult.

There are few options available for the integrations we need. We're looking forward to having other options so we don't have to deal with Sellbrite anymore.
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Re: Customer service is lacking
14 Jul 2016
Hi @cmb,

I'm glad to hear you feel Sellbrite is an easy tool to navigate. Of course, I hate to hear you've had a bad experience with our Success Team.

That's certainly not the norm, and I hope whatever happened was an isolated incident. We put great effort into being accessible and supportive of our customers and offering world-class support, despite being a small team. I've PM'd you directly to see if you would share more info about what happened. I know we can do better.

As far as our Etsy integration, we support just about everything Etsy makes possible via their APIs. If you are open to an offline chat, I'm interested in knowing what limitations you're having and how we might be able to better address those limitations, if possible. Our Etsy integration is used successfully by many merchants, and we hear nothing but good things about it.

If you ever wish to email me directly, please feel free: mike @

Mike @ Sellbrite
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