Feedvisor Is Worth The Investment

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Feedvisor Is Worth The Investment
12 Jul 2016
What was good about this product or service overall?

Feedvisor has allowed us to streamline our team's productivity by no longer having to spend precious hours manually repricing our products. Time is a commodity and in business, it is important to us to have the right systems and tools in place, so our business and team are able run with great efficiency.

We also immediately saw an increase in our sales velocity and ROI. Feedvisor's algorithm opened our eyes to that simple fact that we were selling ourselves short. Feedvisor was selling our products at a higher price and a larger quantity of what we were selling. The algorithm was able to identify the sweet spot of our products price point, something that would be nearly impossible for us to every get a handle on with the number of SKUs that we manage.

Feedvisor has proven to us that it is “A MUST” tool/system for our business to be efficient.

What could have been better?

We are honestly very happy with this system, it has increased our business. When there has been an issue come up, Feedvisor’s team is on it and has it corrected for us right away. No complaints.

How was the support?

The support that we have received from Feedvisor is beyond what we could have every asked for. We were assigned a personal manager to insure that we completely understanding the software, as well as guidance and direction on Amazon’s platform.

Feedvisor has gone above and beyond in supporting our success.
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