Try it and you will be convinced

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Try it and you will be convinced
14 Jul 2016
We have used Feedvisor for about 6 months now.

We were hesitant in the beginning . . .. . we looked at competitors that ranged from $10 to $300 a month and Feedvisor was several times that cost, but we wanted to at least do the free trial to see what was so special.

After the 2-week free trial we weren't convinced but could see some glimmers of hope as Feedvisor accumulated better data toward the end. We then paid for a 3-month contract to give it a better test. After the first 30 days we were sold!!!!! Feedvisor actually raised our price enough on some existing products (while still increasing sales) to more than pay for itself from the added profit margin. You can find a repricer that will lower your price automatically for a lot less, but FeedVisor knows when standing firm or even raising prices wont hurt your Buy Box percentage. That is what is special about FeedVisor.

Add in the increased sales across the board, more time for other things, great analytics, and personal consulting that is all included and this is a must have service.

I also really ended up liking the inventory reports that make forecasting and replenishing products easy. Reordering product now takes 30 minutes instead of hours and is much more accurate.

Our personal Feedvisor consultant, Leemore is AWESOME. If she cant answer a question, she finds someone at Feedvisor who can.

Overall our Amazon business has grown 10x in the past 6 months to $120,000 per month thanks in large part to FeedVisor.

Thank you!!
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