Spent way to much money and lost too many sales. STAY AWAY

A review of Feedvisor by TLF
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Spent way to much money and lost too many sales. STAY AWAY
14 Jul 2016
When I decided I needed a repricer I did the following:

1) tried RepricerExpress trial period...I didn't understand how to use it.
2) tried Excellco trial period...I also didn't understand how to use it.
3) contacted Feedvisor which was a expensive mistake (read below)

I decided to try feedvisor. They had a "deal" going on so I decided to do 3 months which cost me around $1,700 + .5% of sales (total for 3 months). My sales plummeted, its not designed to win you the buy box, its designed to split the buy box with competition. I wish I would have know that prior to purchasing. every time I talked with them about sales being cut in half they kept on telling me that the algorithm has to learn my sales and they could try different algorithms to get my sales up, well we tried all of them and none worked. I don't understand how people use this.

Not knowing what to do I emailed Excellco and asked for some phone help, they agreed and help make my rules for me with me on the phone...It's only $200/mo and no % of my sales. Also, my sales have risen because I win the buybox 95+% of the time.
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