From Dutch sales to European sales with MuCheco

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From Dutch sales to European sales with MuCheco
14 Jul 2016
We are market leader for our range of products in The Netherlands. But our European sales have been only marginal until the start of this year. After several unsuccessful attempts on Amazon and eBay, we have outsourced our total eCommerce activities for Amazon and eBay to Suyog / MucheCo. Together with Mucheco we have gone through the process of optimising and translating descriptions, optimising pictures on Amazon and eBay throughout Europe. After improving the basics we have now started using the promotions. See our Kalpa shop on Amazon : Kalpa shop on Amazon

The results have been staggering. Last year we had difficulty to get a 10 % monthly increase on an extremely low base. But since we have started with MucheCo, we have had a monthly increase of over 100 % for the past 4 months.

It feels like the sky is the limit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on

Remy van Nieuwenhoven,
Director of Kalpa vof
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