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Look no further
15 Jul 2016
It can be very challenging to find an assistant for a short project.
Most to the services providing assistants want you to sign up and commit to hiring someone full-time or at least 20 hours per week. I often don't need that. Sometimes, I need someone for a small task. Sometimes, it might last a few days. I don't want to have to train someone new every time. You can't expect someone to just be on the hook and waiting for your call for when you need them. Nathan's service has worked great for me so far. I have been happy with every one of the assistants he has referred. And, I know if I need someone longer term, that is an option as well. A lot of the service providers are highly skilled. Shopify support is a great example. You don't necessarily need a Shopify expert full-time. So, it works out great if you only need them for a few days.
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